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On-site Support

We are professional and experience in on-site troubleshooting, repairing, setup and maintaining servers, desktop PC, notebook PC, networking (routers, switches, cables), and security appliances (firewall, email security appliance).

We can consult and plan the best IT infrastructure within your budget to give you a secure, stable and high productivity IT environment for your organizations.

It’s always our standard to have a documentation of the organization IT infrastructure so it’s easier and will be proper manage by anyone at anytime.

System Integration

We integrate range of servers and PC for different type of organizations. We are expert in IBM, HP, and DELL servers and any type of PC.

We are knowledgeable in Windows operating system, ranging from the latest Windows 7 down to Windows 98. We have implemented Active Directory with Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2000 for small and medium companies.

Network Infrastructure

A good network infrastructure provides a stable and consistent connectivity within the staff in the company to ensure smooth flow of the organization’s business process and also incoming and outgoing communications with customers around the world.

We provide best one-stop solutions for your network problems, whether it is network cabling, hardware, software or internet broadband problems related to network infrastructure.  


Firewall is a critical hardware or software component which has helped to protect computers and networks in large companies for years and now they are essential for home users as well who are subscribed to fast broadband line. Firewall is basically used to configure to permit, deny or proxy data through an organization network.

We are expert in configuring many types of firewall devices and we optimize the rules for the best protection for your company.


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

You have branches all over Malaysia, and your servers are all based in HQ in Kuala Lumpur. You have the sales team running around outside the office. Do you wish to centralize all data in HQ and to be connected in the same network with other branches? Do you wish your sales to update their information immediately to the server outside of office? VPN is a secure network tunneled communication able to create the above scenario network for you.

Internet Security

Internet security means protecting data and privacy from hacking, virus infections, unwanted software and intrusion of confidentiality when you are connected to the Internet.

Internet security for us means we will configure and update/patch the best protection for your routers, firewalls, antivirus and antispyware software, Windows OS and browsers.

IT Support Plan

Web & Email Hosting

We provide affordable web and email hosting solutions that has maximum reliabilities and powerful features to help any organization to manage their own web and email portal.

Antivirus and antispam features, site management, all kinds of database and programming language supports, and technical supports are part of the basic features.

The hosting server is placed in one of the best data centre in Malaysia who has 24x7 customer care and monitoring, high bandwidth speed, world-class facility security and safety system, state-of-the-art cabling management, and redundant network connections and power generators.

99.9% server and network uptime guarantee.

Remote Assistance

We provide an immediate quick remote administration/assistance response to our customers to ensure the productivity of the company does not get affected because of IT problems.

If the case is beyond the control of remote assistance, we will respond on-site industry standard same day 4-hours response time from the time of call. Terms and conditions apply.

Storage and Backup

Backup simply means making copies of data so that these data can be restored when a data loss event occurred. The place where this backup data stored is called storage.

Storage media are like magnetic tape, hard disk, optical disk, floppy disk, removable media (thumb drives), and online storage.

We would advise customers on what to backup, whether a software would be necessary for efficient and convenience backup, which backup software and which backup media is the best for the environment and to meet the budget wise.