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IT Support Outsourcing & IT Remote Division means utilizing IT experts from Internal & External organization entity to plan, setup, manage and maintain the IT infrastructure of the organization. The decision to outsource IT services benefits the organization in overall costs of procurement and maintaining the IT hardware and software, make more efficient use of labor, capital, technology and resources for other business projects, increase the performance standards of the business, increase of the business activities, save time, and gives many more other competitive business advantages.


- On-Site Desktop and Server Support

 - Logical Data Recovery Service

 - IT Outsourcing Support

 - LAN Maintenance

 - IT Project Management

 - New Start Office Set-ups

 - Application/Hardware Support

 - Home Premium Support


-Alarm & Security Surveillance Services

ITCare also specializes in fiber optic cable assemblies and fiber optic network devices, we are known as the Litech fiber optic cable business partner for the excellent products quality, competitive prices, fast delivery and good service. We offer fiber optic cable assemblies to some nationwide leading companies while also cooperate with many other companies to win in the market.

Here is the our advantages:
1. Fast and always on time delivery. We always keep our words for on time delivery for the fiber optic cables and devices. Our products include single mode fiber     optic cables and multimode fiber optic cables .

2. Excellent products quality. Our products are known for the good quality, some world leading companies choose us as their supplier for fiber optic cable and     equipment. We are proud of having been offering our partners with stable good quality fiber optic products. We offer good fiber optic cable prices. our products     include various kinds of riser fiber optic cables , plenum fiber optic cables and lszh fiber optic cables.

3. Excellent packing and looking for the goods. We understand for user, the packing for make sure goods is very much important. Our fiber cable and devices     feature good packing and looking. bulk fiber optic cables are also available.

4. We not only make for the standard fiber optic products, we are also able supply such as fiber optic cable equivalent to corning fiber optic cable assemblies and     3M fiber optic cable assemblies, equivalent fiber optic transceivers, OM3 fiber optic cables , equivalent transition networks media converter , etc. you can get     reliable standard fiber optic products from us, and you can gain the advantage over the competitors by getting the latest fiber optic products from us.

5. Over 10 years of experience in fiber cable and related fiber optic cable management and fiber optic cable installation devices. As professional fiber optic cable     distributors, We have close relationship with some world leading companies and business partner. The company has been putting a lot of effort and investment on     quality control, R&D of new products as well as employee treatment. We have long time stable skilled workers with most advanced equipment to make stable good quality products. We hope to be your one stop source to buy fiber optic cable .

Thank you for visiting with ITCare Total Solution on fiber optic supply and service, please review our products and capabilities and let us know how we can be of service. We look forward to having the chance to cooperate with you